Terms and Conditions

Dear Website User, herein after referred to as (“You and/or User and/or Customer”), welcome to the BenSeenawebsiteherein referred to as The Company or The website. Please read the terms and conditions for using this website (“Terms and Conditions”) carefully. Please do not proceed with using this website if You do not accept these terms and conditions. Your continued usage of this website constitutes Your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

Joining BenSeena website, accessing, or using it, going through purchasing procedures, orusing the provided products and services through the website must all be subject to the following terms and conditions. This website is being run by (BenSeenaComapny).

Using the website equates to the acceptance of these terms and conditions and the adherence to them.  BenSeenasolely reserves the right to update and change the terms and conditions at any time without prior approval. Thus, Users must review the terms and conditions whenever visiting the website. If a User does not accept these terms and conditions please do not use the website. Users’ continued usage of the website constitutes their acceptance of the changes.

Through accessing, using, or shopping on the website, Users adhere to the following:

1. General details

  • You declare that You are (a) at-least 18 years old. (b) That You are of age to sign a contract. (c) That You are not a person restricted from contracting. (d) That You are the owner of the account, or that You are licenced to use it.

  • You vow and promise to the website according to the effective terms and conditions.

  • BenSeena has the right to record all conversations, messages, and any other communication between You and BenSeena.

  • This website solely has the right to alter, delete, and/or remove any part and/or the whole website and/or services and/or any content/ at any time without giving reason. You hereby acknowledge and state that You have no right to object on any of that, and that BenSeena website does not bear any responsibility for any damage, loss and/or result whether directly or indirectly resulting from those changes.

  • The Website may contain services, content, and/or data for services that may be added to the website and/or any plans and/or future goals of BenSeena. These services, content and/data cannot be considered in any way a guarantee or promise that BenSeena website will implement these future projects, but they are expectations of BenSeena website that BenSeena website can solely choose not to  accomplish.

  • This website is made for the usage of people within the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. BenSeena website does not offer any guarantees that the website is available for usage outside of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. If You are using the website while outside of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, You are using the website on Your own responsibility.

2. Membership at (Benseena website).

Establishing membership

You are allowed to register a membership through the website. In order to register as a member, and benefit from The Company’s services and offers, You must, as part of the registration process, (1) accept these terms and conditions. (2) Provide contact and personal information. (3) Provide any information that BenSeena website sees fit. (4) Accept responsibility for all activities undertaken under Your account and password.(5)You are responsible for withholding the secrecy of Your account and password and restricting others from using Your account.

Using membership

You are not allowed to use BenSeena website membership infor fraudulent and/or inappropriate and/or competitive purposes with BenSeena website. and You should inform BenSeena website immediately through Emailof any unauthorized use of BenSeena website membership. BenSeena website has the right to reject or cancel the registration of anyone on this website remove anyone from the website or ban someone from using this website for any reason, and may limit and/or stopthe ability of anyone to use the website at any time without warning. BenSeena website do not guarantee or declare that Your use of the content available on the website will infringe third parties not related to BenSeena website. Stopping Your use of the website is not considered a waiver of any right or compensation for BenSeena website.

User’s Commitments

The User vows to browse the website and use the services according to the applicable terms and conditions.

Using the Information and Content.

  • The services provided by the Company include but are not limited to information, pictures, audio, and correspondence. This content will be provided through and/or resulting from the website.

  • The User understands that they cannot under any circumstance use the website and/or the services in violation of the Terms and Conditions.

  • The User understands and vows to use the website and/or the services for personal purposes. Users also vow not to use the website and/or the services for a commercial purpose, illegal acts and/or competition, any way which violates security and/or public safety, in any way that violate the relevant regulations, and/or harms the Company, its partners, its agents, its distributors, its service providers, its content providers, and/or any and all of its costumers and subscribers.

Downloadable content and services

The User vows and understands that all content that is downloaded on any personal device, personal computer, mobile phone, and/or any other device is for personal use. The Customer promises to respect the intellectual property rights of the content and commits to all the relevant laws in connection to it. The Company remains the sole legal owner of all rights, including intellectual property rights of the content downloaded by the User regardless of the rights granted by the Company to download the content.

Email/SMS notifications

The User understands and vows that all content and/or information provided by the Company through email or SMS will be stored, copied, and printed for the purpose of personal usage.

The costumer is not permitted in any way to publish, resend, redistribute, and/or copy and information and/or content in any shape or form to any third party and/or for commercial purposes.

The Costumer is prohibited from:

  • Removing, hiding, changing, and/or altering any logos within the content that is downloaded which is the author’s intellectual property, trademark and/or any other intellectual property right.

  • Removing, hiding, changing, and/or altering any part and/or the whole website and/or the services, and/or using the website, content, and/or the services for any purpose not stated in the Terms and Conditions.

  • Compartmentalizing, dividing, and/or misusing any and all of the programs of the website and/or the services.

  • Copying, disclosing, transforming, modifying, publishing, distributing, licencing, sending, republishing, and/or downloading any service and/or information received through browsing the website and/or using the services in any way whether electronic or mechanical without the prior written consent of the Company.

  • Copying and/or reproducing the website or any part of it.

  • Using the website and/or the services for advertising and/or selling any item and/or service for commercial purposes without the prior written consent of the Company.

  • Accessing the website in an illegal and/or prohibited manner and/or adding excessive pressure on the website. Sending and/or receiving spam, survey and/or contest messages.

Ending the membership

  • BenSeena website has the right to end Your membership or refuse any and all previous, present or future Users for the website (a) to uphold the governing laws or (b) in the circumstance in which a User has provided BenSeena website with information that BenSeena website finds incorrect, inaccurate, incomplete, out of date, or vague (or when the information became incorrect, inaccurate, incomplete, out of date, or vague) or (c) in the case that BenSeena website finds that You are using Your membership on the BenSeena website in breach of the terms and conditions or (d) in any other circumstance that BenSeena website finds suitable under their powers.

  • In case You want to withdraw Your consent on the Terms and Conditions, You have to inform the Company in writing and this will result in suspending Your access to the Website.

3. Procedures of Purchase

Any and/or all purchases could be subject to agreements and/or contracts related to the service being sold and You must commit to signing those agreements and/or contract. In contract BenSeena website has the right to not offer those services and/or disconnecting those services.

Methods of Payment

You can pay using the following methods: (1) direct pay, (2) Cheque (3) the BenSeena website accepted credit cards. All these payment methods are subject to all and/or any policy and/or terms of use for the payment providing company.


BenSeena website, under their powers, has the capability to decline or cancel an order in some circumstances. For example, and not limited to, a scenario where the product or service intended to order is not available or if the service or produce has been priced incorrectly, or if the order is perceived to be fraudulent, or under any other circumstance that BenSeena website, under their powers, sees fit. BenSeena website also has the right to take any precautions to ensure that Your identification is authentic for accepting Your order. BenSeena website will return fees, if paid, for any transaction that has been declined or cancelled.

Return Policy

The costumer recognises and understands that all products and/or services being sold are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

Product Description

BenSeena website strives to supply detail descriptions of all services displayed on the website. However BenSeena website does not guarantee that the descriptions is detailed, complete, updated, free from errors, or certified. BenSeena website does not, in any circumstance, offer any guarantee, whether explicit or implicit, in relation to the services and/or the content in any shape or form, including but not limited to their marketing capabilities, usefulness, accuracy, ownership, and/or its failure to meet any relevant legal requirements.

Pricing Information

BenSeena website strives to provide detailed information on the pricing of products and services available on the BenSeena website. However BenSeena website cannot guarantee the accuracy of the pricing. BenSeena website holds the right to reject or cancel any order of products or services that are incorrectly priced on the website due to an error. In this scenario BenSeena website sends a notice to the uUser through their Email. In addition to this, BenSeena website reserves the right to, under their powers, to correct the error with the correct price.

Service availability

BenSeena website’s provides information related to the availability of the services. This information may be used to evaluate the possibility of providing the service directly once an order has been made. However, BenSeena website does not guarantee the availability of a product for instant shipping.

4. Rules of website use

Licensing and access of the website

All the content available on this website (including but not limited to, the text, design, art, logos, icons, pictures, audio clips, programs, and their order and display) are exclusively owned by BenSeena website and their licensees and content providers. This ownership is under the protection of intellectual property law and any other Jordanian or international law that protects it.

BenSeena website grants the User alimited license to use this website personally. BenSeena website, its licenseesand content providers also reserve the right to full and absolute ownership for the content available on the website as well as the necessary intellectual property right. BenSeena website also reserves the right to withhold the license given to the User whenever it solely desires.

Content provided on the website

Providing Your personal information on this website is subject to BenSeena website’s own privacy policy and this can be reviewed through the link under “Privacy Policy” on the bottom of the website.  This includes the terms and conditions of the privacy policy. BenSeena website grants an everlasting nonexclusive licence to use, copy distribute, generally display, chance, publish, and relicense this content for any advertising purpose. As long as You unequivocally declare these provisions. You must also guarantee and vow that any content presented is licenced to BenSeena website, and does not include any element (for example, text, images, audio, or video) that You hold a right to use.

You must also declare that all information, or data provided either on the website or, provided by BenSeena website through any other method, is accurate, up-to date, correct, and complete. You are also responsible for keeping information You provide on the website accurate, up-to date, correct and complete.

It is barred to use any invalid email addresses or any other information that is incorrect, or misleading. Youare also prohibited from impersonating any other person or defrauding BenSeena website in any other way. In some circumstances Your information provided will be documented, and by using this website You agree to provide accurate, and up-to date information and accept it can be documented.

5. Removing Responsibility of guarantees

Excluding what is discussed in the terms and conditions, BenSeena website does not provide any assurance over any other terms and does not guarantee or provide any other terms whether implicit or explicit. BenSeena website does not guarantee the accuracy and/or truth of the information and/or content on the website, whether it is the downloadable content and/or the information and/or content sent through email or SMS. Users must use this website under their own responsibility. Whatever is presented on this website should be considered “as is” and “as is available”. BenSeena website reserves the right to limit Your use of the website or any element or part of it at any time. (•) also does not guarantee that the website would be without interruption and/or error, and/or that the website or any of its services provided are free from viruses. In the scenario in which a User downloads any content from the website, they are doing so on their own accord and responsibility. And Users are solely responsible for any harm or damage done to their computers and/or devices used to browse on the website. Any information or advice received on the website acts as no guarantee of any kind. BenSeena website does not bear any responsibility for any acts done reliant on the information and/or data received through the website and/or any service and/or correspondence done through email and/or SMS that could result in any loss whether direct and/or indirect. Yourecognise that any service is provided on an “as is” basis, including all its faults and according to its availability. BenSeena website is not under any circumstance responsible for not providing a high quality, effective, and/or accurate service and/or content.

This website contains quality medical information that is evidence based and that is updated on a regular basis. However, This medical information must not be used as a substitute for clinical assessment by a doctor. This information is not enough for patient to diagnose or treat themselves. Users should not use the site to change or alter their plan of care or medications, based on information from this website. We encourage users to consult with a physician to ask them specific questions about their condition. Regarding emergency cases, users should not use the site to manage or diagnose, rather call emergency services to get immediate help.

BenSeena website bears no responsibility towards You or any third party for any direct or indirect damages resulting from the contractual obligations, negligence, and/or misuse and/or resulting from the use of the website and/or service including but not limited to:

Loss of any service, content and/or data as a result of any interruption and/or suspension of the website and/or services.

Any error, fault in the website, costs, loss, loss of profits, and/or direct and/or damages resulting from the use and/or misuse of the website and/or the lack of ability to browse the website and/or use the services and/or content and/or interruption in the website or services.

Any conflict between the website and any other website, service, program, tools, devices, and/or any interruption and/or delay for starting, using, and/or completing any interaction done through the website in an accurate and fast way.

The Legal Entity and Authorizing a Delegate

In the scenario in which You are a legal entity like a company or corporation, then authorizing a delegate means that the authorized delegate has the full legal capacity to manage the account and act willingly on the legal entity’s behalf. Any action done by the delegate is considered to be done by the owner of the account and is binding on to them.

Limiting Liability

All suppliers that offer their products on BenSeena website are independent contractors and they are neither employees nor agents of BenSeena website. Therefore,BenSeena website are not responsible for any of the work, negligence, errors, guarantees, infractions, injuries, deaths, damage either personal or financial, caused by the suppliers and their products.

You accept complete responsibility for Your browsing and usage of this website and/or Your usage of Your membership at BenSeena website, as well as any purchase, product or service usage through BenSeena website. Users also accept and take responsibility for any information sent, received and/or that Your usage of this website may not be secure and may be intercepted by any unlicensed third party. Users also accept that they are using this website under their own responsibility. In regards to what has been previously stated, You clarify and accept that BenSeena website and its licensers, suppliers, and any relevant third party are not liable for any damage done directly or indirectly, physically or mentally, personally financially, or in any way connected with (a) this website or any other website or source that can be accessed through the website. (b) Any act or omission of an act. (c) Your membership at BenSeena website or its cancellation or termination. (d) any delay or inability to use the website or any services, or information provided or advertised on the website. (e) any change, cancellation, or removal of any of the content provided or advertised on the website.

BenSeenawebiste team works meticulously to ensure accuracy of information and based on medical studies. However, Benseena website does not guarantee that our content is free of mistakes or errors. Benseena website is not liable for any mistakes. Mistakes maybe due to spelling or grammer or scientific or design or any other kind.

BenSeena website content gets updated on a regular basis to keep up with most recent medical knowledge. However, Benseena website does not guarantee that each article is uptodate. We encourage users to read the date of last modification of each article, which is mentioned in same page of the our article.

6. Compensation

You agree to protect and defend BenSeena website from any and all harm caused, whether direct or indirect, as well as from any prosecution, damages, fees, and cost. This includes but is not limited to lawyer fees emerging from or related to the website and/or any violation to any of the declarations, guarantees, or texts mentioned in the terms and conditions and/or as a result of using the website and/or the services and/or providing You with any information and/or date belonging to BenSeena website.

7. Email communication

Using the website or emailing BenSeena website qualifies as communicating with BenSeena website electronically. You thereby agree to electronically receive any communications related to Your use to the use of the website. You also agree that any agreements, notifications, or correspondences, any other forms of communication that are provided on the website meet all legal requirements. Users must consider all sent by BenSeena website to the User have taken effect once received by the user.

8. Complete agreement

These terms and conditions act as a complete agreement between all Users and BenSeena websiteregarding all matters and issues discussed within these terms and conditions. This agreement takes precedent over any previous, agreements, letters, discussions, presentations, or any other document related to the mentioned cases in this agreement.

9. Conditions of disassociation

In the circumstance in which any part of this agreement is considered null, void, or impossible to implement, that part will be reinterpreted in a method in coordination with the current law which in the closest image reflects the intentions of the parties. The remainder of the agreement remains, completely enforceable under the law it was created within.

10. Privacy Policy

The privacy policy which relates to the use, processing, review, and collection of the private information of all Users of BenSeena website can be found on this link (http://docsacademy.com). You agree that any and all information received by BenSeena website from You (either through the website or through email) could be collected, documented, saved processed according to the privacy policy. You also agree that BenSeena website can update their privacy policy at any time under their own accord and they are allowed to publish these update copies of the policy on the website listed above.

11. Concessions

BenSeena website’s inability or failure to act as to what would be considered a violation to the terms and conditions by any User is not to be considered a concession of the right BenSeena website has to act on following or related violations. If in any scenario in which any of the content of this website, or use of the website in violation of the laws of Your region, then this website is not designed for You and we ask You to desist using this website. You are solely responsible for upholding Your region’s laws and for the handling of and committing to any case which You are involved in.

12. Dispute Resolution

Due to the high cost of litigation, Users and BenSeena website agree to solve disputes using the following conflict resolutions: in the case of any dispute, lawsuit, or conflict arising from or related to any activity partaken on the website, or any violation, infraction, explanation, or guarantee by the terms and conditions or any part of it, the party that received this dispute must to try and settle the dispute in their best intentions by sending the other party a letter (through the mail or first class mail) listing the facts and circumstances (including any related document) in relation to the dispute and give the other part 30 days to respond to the letter and solve the dispute. The letters to BenSeena website must be addressed to the following:

(P.O Box 4140, Zip code 11953) Amman, Jordan (•)
Both BenSeena websiteand its Users agree to attempt these conflict resolutions before resorting to litigation or lawsuits.

13. Governing Law

These terms and conditions and the relationship between You and BenSeena website are under the governance of the law of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

14. These terms and conditions were written in two languages; English and Arabic. In the scenario in which there is a discrepancy between the Arabic and English versions, the Arabic version will be the applicable version.

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