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About us

Ben Seena (who is known as Avicenna) a muslim thinker, scientist and physician. His contributions to the science of medicine has laid down the foundation for modern medicine. His books “Canon of medicine” and “Book of healing” are two landmark books that paved the way for the development of medicine during that era.

We believe that Ben Seena’s soul is still alive in our hearts. The passion for the profession of medicine is strong in the arab and muslim world. Many young kids aspire to become doctors and a good proportion of them succeed to become excellent clinicians.

The aspiration of BenSeena.com started by a Jordanian physician, Dr.Ahmad Al-Sheyyab who spent his training in the United States. He learned the importance of personalized medicine at Vanderbilt University. During his practice, he faced challenges to explain complicated terms to arabic speaking patients and decided to change the way medicine is translated to arabic and founded BenSeena.com. Other distinguished physicians have joined his mission, by contributing in writing and editing articles in their sub-specialities.

Our purpose

To improve the knowledge of arabic speaking patients on their disease and increase their contribution to the management plan decided by their physicians.

Main features

  • Trusted: 

Our team of physicians were carefully selected. We are proud to have physicians, who had trained in highly reputable training programs and they follow high code of ethics in their clinical practice.

  • Scientific: 

Our source information is based on the latest medical literature and evidence-based medicine.

The following list represent some of the resources our website content:




  • Useful 

Simplifying medical terms and making medical information easy to understand for patients is a top priority.

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